Sunday, January 5, 2014

This blog is beginning its forth year. I don't quite know how that's happened. I'd kind of like to let blogging go, just because I'm busy with other stuff. But a big reason for the blog is to have a way to date and roughly track what the kids are doing. So, on we go.

The barn was finished just before New Years. Its a cozy happy place and the goats are thriving.
Now we have a fitting place to hang the hooks Dear Boy smithed for us all those years ago. I would think its a satisfying feeling to know how to build a barn and bang out the necessary hardware.
Speaking of competency points, Dear Girl and I replaced a lamp socket today. In the middle of the project, we discovered we needed to know how to tie an Underwriter's Knot. What did folks do before youtube? When I was 13, if my lamp switch broke I'd have thrown it away and bought a new one. Look what anyone can learn for free these days. The goats say, "Aw Yeah, Time for a Barn Jam!"

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  1. This is just tremendous on so many levels. You look so happy. Can't wait to see you, cowgirl.