Pema Chodron

I need to have Pema here.  Pema reminds me.
Brene Brown:  The Power of Vulnerability is worth reviewing, as well.
And 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself.
Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity and genius
Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude

Folks occasionally suggest homeschoolers are too sheltered, somehow not in the "real" world, are unable to cope in competitive or complex social situations. Wow, I wish it were possible to shelter children, or myself for that matter, from pain and difficulty. Are folks implying institutional school has penetrated and is offering for their students the secret of the universe, duality, and the teaching of Buddha? We homeschoolers, try as we might, get no hall passes from reality and challenge.  Nor do children who spend all day in school learn any secrets to life other than, perhaps, coping with institutionalization.