Fresh Milk

We love fresh raw milk straight from the cow.   Curious about fresh milk?  Have some links:

~Unpasteurized Milk, Myths and Evidence by Nadine Ijaz May 15, 2013
~~A review from The Wall Street Journal: New Study Confirms Raw Milk A Low Risk Food "Ms. Ijaz used extensive high-quality evidence to further deconstruct various scientific myths from both raw milk advocates and detractors. As Ijaz pointed out, increasing evidence of raw farm milk's unique health benefits to young children, as well as the possible detriments of industrial milk production practices, will need to be carefully considered in future risk analyses. She recommended an honest, evidence-informed dialogue on raw milk issues between producers, consumers, advocates, legislators and public health officials."

~Five Pillars Of Food Safety By Shiv Chopra
  The Insider Story of rBGH
~The Secret History of Milk By Ron Schmidt
~A Brief History of Raw Milk's Long Journey By Randolph Jonsson
~Not Your Grandma's Milk By Kristin Wartman
~About Those Pathogens, What you Should Know  By Ted Beals, MD
~Raw Milk, Why Mess With Udder Perfection  By Dr. Cate
~The Protective Effect of Farm Milk Consumption on Childhood Asthma
~Inverse association of farm milk consumption with asthma and allergy in rural and suburban populations across Europe.
~Keeping A Family Cow

"The barn was very large. It was very old. It smelled of hay and it smelled of manure. It smelled of the perspiration of tired horses and the wonderful sweet breath of patient cows. It often had a sort of peaceful smell--as though nothing bad could happen ever again in the world. It smelled of grain and of harness dressing and of axle grease and of rubber boots and of new rope. And whenever the cat was given a fish-head to eat, the barn would smell of fish. But mostly it smelled of hay, for there was always hay in the great loft up overhead. And there was always hay being pitched down to the cows and the horses and the sheep."  ~E.B. White Charlotte's Web