Monday, June 3, 2013

31 Things I'd Have Told Myself Before College I could pull several points out of this essay and relate them to my children and to unschooling. In fact, this little essay, though written by a person who went to institutional school, reads more like an unschooling manual. Better my children pull out their own points of spark and cogitation for themselves.

For me, right now, fear resonates: 27. Do things that make you speechless. If at any time you're perfectly able to articulate your stage in life, then you're not moving fast enough. “Fear is a compass pointing true north;” trust the compass.

Fear resonates in balance with wisdom from my friend CC: remember to give yourself permission to enjoy your life as best you can. Contrary to the message of both my and my husband's childhood, life is not an endurance test. Its okay to love as much, delight as much, rest as much as you can. And take the easiest path possible, within the context of your own True North, whatever that may be. 

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