Saturday, January 26, 2013

This Kid's Reading List For 2013
Catching Fire ~Suzanne Collins
Mockingjay ~Suzanne Collins
Before I Fall ~Lauren Oliver
Dog On It ~Spencer Quinn
Just Listen ~ Sarah Dessen
Emily The Strange, Dark Times ~Rob Reger
Girls In Love ~Hailey Abbott
To Fetch A Thief ~Spencer Quinn
The Dog Who Knew Too Much ~S. Quinn
Prom Crashers ~Erin Downing
What Happened to Goodbye ~S. Dessen
Sleight of Paw ~Sofie Kelly
Shut Out ~Kody Keplinger
Ripped At The Seams ~N. Krulik
Glimmerglass ~Jenna Black
The Red Tent ~Anita Diamant
Real Live Boyfriends ~Ruby Oliver
Leap Day ~Wendy Mass
13 Little Blue Envelopes ~Maureen Johnson
I'm So Sure ~Jenny B Jones
dirty little secrets ~c.j. omololu
The Darlings in Love ~Melissa Kantor
Epic Fail ~Claire LaZebnik
Along For The Ride ~Sarah Dessen
The Bean Trees ~Barbara Kingsolver
45 Pounds, More or Less ~Kelly Barson
So Over My Head ~Jenny B. Jones
Shadow Hills ~A. Hopcus

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