Friday, January 20, 2012

Yesterday my friend Kathy, from Needle and Spade, shared an excellent knitting tip: how to make reversible cabled scarves. Gorgeously cabled, laced, fancy scarves and wraps are truly beautiful.  But you fling them around yourself and, oops, your backside is showing. A vexation after all that knitting, who needs the heartbreak? Instead, make something looking more like the red scarf pictured here titled, Palindrome.

All back ground work is either moss or garter stitch. Each cable is worked as k1 p1 ribbing.  Cable the ribbing! There you have it.  Astonishing for its simplicity and brilliant!  Thank you, Kathy.  And don't forget stitch markers.  All that k1 p1 could easily get confused.


  1. This was definitely a discovery that was too good to keep to one's self! Happy knitting -- David's scarf keeps growing, in all its reversible glory. -- Kathy at

  2. Yeah. So. I loaded up some needles and got to work on this. I am confuzzled. It didn't work. And suddenly I can't visualize how it even could work. So...not so obvious and simple as it seemed at first. I'll resort to some book learn'n. And maybe I can get a demo in the park.