Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Girl was inspired by Dear Boy to try her own claymation.  Dear Husband added a really cool link from the folks at MIT for further exploration.

I've been on a megasuperdetailed cleaning jag.  Because our baseboards are molding, our window sills are furry, our bathrooms are disgusting.  It always shocks me, the physical intensity of this kind of cleaning.  I suppose from the leaning reaching grasping stretching while scouring.  Yes, and possibly from having let things get  Later, as I lay resting I heard Dear Boy giving Dear Girl her first formal guitar lesson.  They both took it seriously and it sounded plenty legitimate.

One of the very best things about unschooling is that it teaches a non reliance on expertise, a willingness to learn what you can where you can, and an attitude of commencing from where you are with what you have at hand.  A recipe for success.

They spent the rest of the afternoon outside by the fire, laughing together until dark forced them in for supper.  I cooked and watched them from the kitchen door while the kitten stalked the chickens, the hound warily eyed the goats who returned his gaze, and the shepherd circled the whole lot.  Probably feeling, like me, older on the outskirts with a tremendous love for them all.

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